An Outdoor Ice Cream-Eating Contest On Saturday? Because Brooklyn

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An Outdoor Ice Cream-Eating Contest On Saturday? Because Brooklyn
As the winter holidays start to take over the New York City zeitgeist, Park Slope will host an outdoor ice cream eating contest. Why? Because hot chocolate is too mainstream.

Finally, the temperatures are dropping enough for us to dig out items from our winter wardrobes. Speaking for ourselves, we’re dying to indulge in our favorite winter activity; complaining about the cold.

It’s almost time to wrap our cold mitts around a glass of mulled wine or hot chocolate… so what events are waiting this weekend to welcome in the chilly weather? Well, an ice cream eating contest of course.

The irony isn’t lost on the organizers, given the name of the event is the Brain Freeze Ice Cream Eating Contest. The competition, hosted by Sky Ice (outside their location on 5th Ave), goes down this Saturday (November 18th), at 2 pm. There you’ll see nine gelato enthusiasts shovel down a whole pint of Thai Tea Ice Cream as fast as they can. What do they win? A $100 gift certificate (for SkyeIce of course) and plaque.

Last year, victory went to Ditmas Park resident, Patrick Garcia, who edged out the competition in just 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

If nothing else, this event will be a fun way to spend a little time on a quiet Saturday lunch. Sadly, they aren’t taking applications for more competitors, but, we have the feeling, it will be fun to watch. See: Schadenfreude.

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