Otherworldly Installation Appears On LES With Real-Time Live Stream Of Earth From Space

Bianca Bahamondes Bianca Bahamondes

Otherworldly Installation Appears On LES With Real-Time Live Stream Of Earth From Space
As of Wednesday, March 13, you’ll literally be able to see the entire world from the Lower East Side.

A fascinating new art installation by artist Sebastian ErraZuriz will allow people to see live footage of Earth streamed directly from the NASA Satellite G.E.O.S.16. The project, which he is calling Blu Marble, can be seen from the vacant lot at 159 Ludlow Street, projected onto a 20-foot round L.E.D. screen that appears as if it is floating between the two buildings. As ErraZuriz wrote in a recent instagram post, the installation is an “Attempt to provide a platform to see ourselves from a macro perspective, a tiny instant within a much larger space and time continuum.” He continues in another photo that it’s “a reminder of our miraculously fragile existence. That we are all in this together… And that every now and then; you can get away with doing exactly what you wanted ❤️!”

Instagram / @sebastianstudio

The real-time video stream will also be projected onto the top of the New Museum for Wednesday night only! ErraZuriz says that the satellite video will be “directed simultaneously at the north facade of the New Museum and streamed to the 20’ custom l.e.d screen/sculpture on Ludlow & Stanton. Both live feeds/locations will inaugurate tonight after 7pm. New Museum projection is not inside but is on its exterior and will be seen best from the street corner of Bowery and Rivington.”

Instagram / @sebastianstudio

According to the artist, the best view of the screen is from 159 Ludlow. The installation will remain up until April 14.

Featured image source: Instagram / @sebastianstudio

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