One U.S. City Loves Pizza Way More Than New York

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One U.S. City Loves Pizza Way More Than New York
Yeah, you read that right. New Yorkers don’t love pizza as much as you thought. You’re thinking “how can that be, pizza is a religion here?” Well, it’s true, and we have the data to back it up.

One thing we New Yorkers pride ourselves on is our pizza, we know who makes the best pizza, or at least we have our favorite. We don’t order pizza from cookie-cutter franchises because we know what good pizza tastes like …and the best pizza is served right here in NYC. All that might be true, but apparently, that doesn’t mean we are the MOST pizza obsessed city. That honor goes to Chicago.

Yeah, that’s right, according to TimeOut’s city life index, Chicagoans love a slice of pie more than we do. 3% more to be exact. When asked what meal they would eat every day if they were forced to, 30% of Chicagoans, in contrast to 27% of New Yorkers, chose Pizza.

Let’s just come out and say it. Chicago, with your deep dish pizza cakes, we aren’t impressed. We know the only reason your more pie-obsessed than us is because to you, pizza is some kind of family meal. We have a delicious thin based (the only base) pizza on every street corner. So as you dig into your pizza with a knife and fork (giggles) remember, no matter how much you love your pizza, the BEST pizza will always be in NYC.

Featured image source [Pexels]

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