The MTA’s OMNY System Starts Off Strong With 6,100 Taps On First Day


The MTA’s OMNY System Starts Off Strong With 6,100 Taps On First Day
Almost a week into implementing the first phase of the OMNY system, the numbers are in and it looks like they’re much higher than initially anticipated…

News of the tap-n-go payment coming to the NYC subway has been circulating for almost a year now, with the pilot program officially launching last Friday May 31st at 16 select subway stations between Grand Central-42nd Street and Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center (in addition to Staten Island buses). As with anything new, its release was met with skepticism amongst NYC residents and subway users. However, if the results from Saturday (the first full day) are any indicator of what to expect, it seems that OMNY might actually be a success.

By the end of the first full day, the records show a total of 6,100 payments for subway and bus rides, which 80% paid for with digital wallet apps and 20% with contactless cards. Obviously it’s no surprise that a few technical issues occurred, but the good news is that only 5% of riders had to tap more than once during the course of the day. Considering we’re only 6 days in, the MTA is confident that the whole process will run smoothly without any complications within a short period of time.

Try it out for yourself to see what all the hype is about, even celebs ride the subway like us 😉

featured image: twitter.com/cubicTS

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