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It’s Official, New York Really Is The City That Never Sleeps

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

It’s Official, New York Really Is The City That Never Sleeps
According to a new poll, fewer than one in four New Yorkers gets the recommended nights sleep that they need.

This past month, the Siena College Research Institute polled 802 random adults in New York City, the suburbs and upstate by telephone to figure out just how much sleep New York residents actually get.

According to the study, fewer than one in four New Yorkers get the recommended eight hours or more of sleep, with more than half clocking in at no more than six hours of shut eye each night.

While the majority of those polled say they aim for the full eight hours, busy schedules and stress keep New Yorkers awake. The director of the Siena College Research Institute, Don Levy said in an interview with the New York Post that New Yorkers are “busy, and that’s all the sleep that’s available.”

Seems fair enough. However, what are some of the other culprits responsible for all that sleep deprivation? It’s probably your daily cup (or two or three) of joe. Nearly a third of those polled admitted they can not physically start their day without a cup of coffee. Or, it could potentially be the smart phone usage, as more than one third of city dwellers also admitted that their first waking hour tends to be spent online, checking social media accounts or emails.

Last, but certainly not least in the list of things keeping New Yorkers awake at night? Money! According to Levy, the internal dialogue about paying the bills keeps New Yorkers tossing and turning at night.

With this hefty combo of stress inducing factors plus the night life options Sunday-Monday, of course the Big Apple continues to be the city that never sleeps.

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