Movie Streaming Platform, Kanopy, Will No Longer Be Available To NYC Public Library Members


Movie Streaming Platform, Kanopy, Will No Longer Be Available To NYC Public Library Members
The New York Public Library system is probably one of the best membership options you can get. With access to an endless amount of resources, books and movies, the perks seemed almost too good to be true…

Kanopy is a movie streaming service from San Francisco that provides a niche platform for classic cinema, indie films and top documentaries, which cannot be found on the likes of Netflix or HBO. Designed with the specific purpose of being used as a tool in universities and public libraries, the NYPL, Brooklyn Public Library and Queens Public Library decided to jump on the bandwagon and sign a deal about two years ago. Up until now, members can watch 6 free movies from Kanopy’s library a month, which has obviously been more than useful for those studying or working in the cinema industry. Unfortunately, an email just went out informing patrons that partnerships with all three NYC libraries and Kanopy is officially coming to an end on July 1st.

The exact details regarding the financial arrangement between the libraries and Kanopy remain unknown, however NYPL’s website states that it was ultimately an unsustainable business decision, and their resources can be better put to use on books and e-books. It seems like both the Brooklyn and Queens Public Libraries have similar budgetary concerns in regards to the relationship with Kanopy. So for those of you that have been loyal stans to the movie streaming service, you have a week left to soak up all the art-house films you can before the sweet deal ends.

At least NYPL members still have free access to museums 😉

featured image: instagram.com/windycityvegan

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