How NYers Are Saving Money and Kicking The “Seamless” Habit

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How NYers Are Saving Money and Kicking The “Seamless” Habit
If you’re anything like us you spend more on “Seamless” and eating out than you do on just about anything else. Here’s how some New Yorkers are saving money on quality food… By learning to cook!

If you have ever ordered seamless more than one a day, this article is for you. We get it, learning to cook in a tiny kitchen after long day at work is just no fun. We’ve collected together some classes and tours right here in New York City, “How to’s” where you’ll have fun, meet new people, and most importantly, learn to make your own restaurant quality food without having to order, or eat, out.  Enjoy.

Learn How To Make French Macaron


Learn to make French macarons to rival Ladurée! In class, you’ll learn tips and techniques for making delectable macarons, easy enough to be done in your home kitchen. Together we’ll demystify these highly sought-after meringue-based sandwich cookies. These delicate confections are made with almond flour; perfect for those who prefer gluten-free or dairy-free treats! No experience required! Just bring your sweet tooth!

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Learn To Make Dumplings!


Dumplings are like little packets stuffed with joy. In this class, you’ll learn every step of the dumpling making process. From making the dough, to preparing your meat or veg filling, to the wrapping and cooking, you’ll leave this class a bonafide dumpling master. No experience required! Come get your fill of dumpling goodness!

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Learn How To Make Ricotta Ravioli


Hey ravioli, you’re beautiful inside and out. Learn to make pasta dough and fresh ricotta from scratch, then fill your ravioli and finish it off with a quick brown butter sage sauce. You’ll use the freshest ingredients to let the flavors shine through. You’ll also go over NYC shops that carry these ingredients. No experience is required! Just bring your love for pasta.

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Learn to make Spaghetti with Carbonara Sauce


Love spaghetti? Learn to make carbonara from scratch, then use it to top some delicious al-dente spaghetti! You’ll use the freshest ingredients to let the flavors shine through. In this hands-on class, ingredients used in this class include raw eggs, pancetta, butter, Pecorino cheese, Parmigiana cheese, and pepper. Yum!

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Make Your Own Sushi!


How do we roll? Sushi Roll! Don’t let the sushi chef have all the fun, come and learn the spreading, layering, tucking and rolling that’ll take your taste-buds to Tokyo. In this fun, hands-on social cooking class, you will learn all the skills needed to make sushi-rolls, including how to make sushi rice, select sushi-grade fish, with additional, gourmet ingredients to enhance your dining experience. Salmon is used in this class along with carrot, avocado, cucumber, and nori. No experience necessary: there’s no wrong way to make sushi!

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Raaka Chocolate Factory Tour & Tasting


It turns out you had the golden ticket all along… Come see how Raaka Chocolate factory makes their chocolate from bean to bar at their factory in Red Hook, Brooklyn! If you are curious about how a humble cocoa bean transforms into a luscious chocolate bar, this is your chance to see, learn (and taste) the process! Raaka Chocolate is unique in that they make chocolate that preserves the complex and surprising flavors of the cacao beans. Get tickets to get an exclusive sneak-peek into the sweetest business on earth.

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