This is Where NYers “In The Know” are Watching the Super Bowl

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This is Where NYers “In The Know” are Watching the Super Bowl
Only one venue and Super Bowl party in NYC checks all the boxes for the BEST Super Bowl party in the city …and this is it. Forget being crammed into a tiny space with an obstructed view of the big game. Houston Hall is where it’s at.

It’s easy to experience information overload when it comes to picking the perfect Super Bowl party for you and your squad. We’re spoiled for choice in New York City when it comes to venues, and it seems like they’re all throwing their hat in the ring (or football field in this case), to bring in that Super Bowl money.

So, what do you need when it comes to a winning Super Bowl celebration? We’d say big screens, great quality beer, and enough space so you and your friends aren’t crammed into a bar like battery-hens …Which segues nicely into our pick for the best Super Bowl party in NYC; the  Super Bowl Open Beer Bar at Houston Hall.

Let’s go through that list again.

Big screens, check – The pre-game, post-game and main event are all featured on their massive 12ft Screens.

Great quality beer, check – How about a 4-hour open beer bar where you can drink your fill of all nine of their unique handcrafted beers on tap.

Enough space, check – Their massive beer hall can easily accommodate 300 people, leaving enough space to dance and cheer for every pass, juke, fumble, and pick.

Hate Brady? Love Brady? Put your differences aside and watch the big game while the beer flows freely in NYC’s premier beer hall. Kick back surrounded by comfort and rustic charm, and a ton of friendly (but crazy) football fans! Houston Hall is a Super Bowl must!

GET TICKET for Houston Hall’s amazing Super Bowl Party HERE


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