This NYer Make Once Made $14k In One Day By Waiting In Line

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Same Ole Line Dudes is a professional “line sitting service” operating in NYC. This Genius idea will leave make you hate yourself for not having thought of it yourself.

Whether it’s Cookie Dō, Hamilton, the next iPhone or Instagram specs… If you’ve ever had to endure the cities endless and relentless queues, then maybe you will become Robert Samuel’s next client.

Sam Ole Line Dudes was born when the now owner, Robert Samuel, posted an ad on craigslist offering to wait in line for the iPhone 5. The demand was so great he turned it into a legitimate business.

In the video below, by Elite Daily, you’ll hear Samuel’s story and how he grew from a one-man operation to running a whole a team of 20-30 line-sitters.

Featured image source [Wikimedia Commons]

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