NYer Catches Chilling Photos of a Poltergeist in His Manhattan Apartment

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NYer Catches Chilling Photos of a Poltergeist in His Manhattan Apartment
WARNING: This isn’t for people who are easily scared. The famous twitter chronical of a poltergeist known as “Dear David” in an NYC apartment expands to include terrifying new pictures of the ghost.

We’re following up on the real-life NYC ghost story we covered back in September. Why cover this story again? Because there are new terrifying images of Dear David… and they are nightmare fuel.

Adam Ellis is a normal New Yorker with a paranormal problem. Since August, Ellis has been documenting a chilling paranormal story playing out in his Manhattan apartment. Ellis claims a poltergeist, named Dear David, has taken up residence in his home.

Far from just a series of 140 character explanations of what’s been going on, Ellis’ meticulous documentation of events includes illustrations, photos, and surveillance footage, the new ones are just terrifying.

Since we last caught up with Adam’s story he’s actually managed to capture images of the poltergeist. We were tempted to share this story again back in early November when Ellis shared the following photos:

Given that the photos were so dark and blurry we decided to hold off on the post… Here those photos are again, but brighter:


Freaked out yet? How about when you look at this sketch Adam drew a few months before these photos:


Creepy, right. We thought we’d missed the boat on following up on this story …then we checked Adam’s updates this week. Shook.

Ellis set up n app on his phone that takes a photo every 60 seconds, he set his cell on a bookcase and went to sleep. This is what he saw:


It would be easy to pass this off as a hoax or scam, but when you read the sincerity of his tweets and see the video and photographic evidence, you might feel differently. Try to suspend disbelief and follow Ellis’ story. If you’re a fan of the Macabre, you won’t be disappointed. Turn out the lights, and enjoy:

it’s also worth mentioning that this is only the story so far, Ellis continues to tweet the story as it unravels. Give him a follow on Twitter

Featured image source [twitter | moby_dickhead]

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