NYC’s Package Free Shop Is The Place For All Your Reusable Needs

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NYC’s Package Free Shop Is The Place For All Your Reusable Needs
Since it’s successful stint as a New York Pop-Up shop, Package Free Shop has made it to Brooklyn with their permanent, one stop shop for all things sustainable and chic.

For those of you trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle and are finding it difficult to do so in the Big Apple, Package Free Shop is the place for all your needs. Having “set up shop” in Brooklyn this past year, the store (and the Zero Waste Movement in general) have gained a lot of attention. Founder Lauren Singer is dedicated to reducing the waste we produce through plastic, single use products and packaging.

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The store is designed to help those that are interested in living a more sustainable lifestyle make the transition by conveniently selling everything you need in one place. Of course, just because you go to this store doesn’t mean you’ll miraculously get rid of all the waste you produce, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction—toward a lifestyle with less waste.

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Among the products they sell are: bamboo compostable toothbrushes and toilet paper; dish brushes with replaceable heads made of beechwood; menstrual cups; refillable dental floss containers with spools of mulberry silk floss; reusable tote bags; cotton cloth towels to replace your paper towels and countless other daily items that tend to end up in our trash.

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According to their website, since opening the store they have kept an estimated 3,340,000 plastic straws, 4,701,200  plastic bags and 811,500 non-recyclable cups out of landfills! We’re definitely into this store, space and concept! If you’re interested in learning more about the Zero Waste movement and how you can get involved in this type of lifestyle while living in a city, you can check out the website of founder Lauren Singer, Trash Is For Tossers.

Address: 137 Grand Street Brooklyn, NY 11249

Hours: Open daily 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Featured image: thedieline.com

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