NYC’s Newest Public Park could be on the Roof Of Macy’s

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NYC’s Newest Public Park could be on the Roof Of Macy’s

As it becomes easier and faster to shop online the challenge is on to bring people into physical stores. Macy’s might just have the answer in NYC, It’s a rooftop park. 

Why drag yourself across town when you can just order whatever you need online and it’ll be delivered to you, in some cases, in the same day. That’s the line of thought the executives at the retail giant Macy’s are fighting against.

In an attempt to attract more people to their flagship Midtown store on 34th Street, Macy’s is considering placing a massive public park on the roof. The rooftop of the 2.2 million-square-foot store would have restaurants and an open green space with including trees and benches. Doug Sessler, Macy’s vice president of real estate, told the NYPost:

“That store is getting more valuable by the day as the center of gravity in Manhattan shifts southwest to Hudson Yards,”

The Herald Square store’s roof would essentially turn the Macy’s itself into the equivalent of a museum gift shop. If you want to access or leave the park you would do so via the massive store.

Whether the strategy to bring people into the store will work remains to be seen, but another park in NYC will definitely be a welcome edition, especially in NYC’s warmer months.

Featured Image source courtesy of Macy’s

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