NYC’s Lingerie Museum is Victoria’s real Secret

Rob Grams Rob Grams

NYC’s Lingerie Museum is Victoria’s real Secret

5th Avenues Victoria’s Secret actually does contain a big secret. A lingerie museum giving you a sneak peek into extravagant undergarments past.

It’s probably safe to say that Victoria’s Secret the most famous lingerie brand in the world, so it stands to reason if you were going to set up a secret museum of lingerie you’d do it one of their stores. Namely their flagship 5th Avenue store.

The “secret” of that success, apart from the obvious name recognition, may be the accessibility of their product.  The brand is attainable for anyone. Although not everyone looks as good in their lingerie as their angels, and some things may fall out of a humble budget. A bra, lip gloss? They have something for everyone.

The museum/exhibit is a retrospective and will feature some of your favorite items from the 2016  Paris fashion show. Yes, that’s including the 3 million dollar Fantasy Bra, not to mention the bondage-light outfit worn by Gigi Hadid. Whereas the museum doesn’t feature all the brands looks from the 2016 show, the selection is impressive, they even feature the model’s Brian Atwood-designed shoes and a framed picture honoring all the models who have ever walked the catwalk for the brand by name.

This is probably the only chance many fashionistas in NYC will get the chance to be this close to these pieces, so any angel devotees should book it to 115 5th Ave to check it out.

Featured image source [Lani G.]