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NYC’s Very First Sake Brewery and Taproom Opens in Brooklyn

By Bianca Bahamondes

NYC’s Very First Sake Brewery and Taproom Opens in Brooklyn

Sake has taken NYC by storm in recent years, with many more people seeking it out as their drinking of choice. Now, the rice wine is being brewed in NYC for the first time. 

The sake brewery, Brooklyn Kura, is open in Industry City and it’s the very first one for New York.

They are focused on American Craft Sake and use rice, water, yeast and koji to make it. As their website explains:

“A well-crafted sake can be floral or acidic, sweet or astringent, fruity or savory. Slight changes in yeast strain, rice variety, water mineral content or brewing method can produce wildly different results.”

And considering the NYC tap water and rice variety made in America, the flavors will certainly be unique.

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Welcome, @sake.samuel . Fun start to your first day of managing the tap room! . . . #brooklyn #craft #sake

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Along with the brewery, Brooklyn Kura opened a taproom next door that offers only on-site sakes. You can also enjoy bar snacks like fried fava and toasted nori. It is located at 68 34th Street.

featured image source: Instagram / Brooklyn Kura