NYCs Bucket list for Vegetarians

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

NYCs Bucket list for Vegetarians

Being a vegetarian can be hard in a lot of states, but if you live in New York or are visiting, you’re in luck. There are as many vegetarian options as there are restaurants for meat lovers, and they run the gamut of flavors. Whether you call NYC home or are just here for a short while, you’ve got visit these vegetarian places to really live your life to the fullest.

Dirt Candy


If you haven’t eaten at Dirt Candy, you haven’t lived. This is vegetarian at its finest, and fanciest, in this Allen Street eatery. Not only do they have a great menu of food, but delicious cocktails. Jalapeno hush puppies? Yes, please!

The Butcher’s Daughter


Don’t let the name fool you; it has nothing to do with meat. The Butcher’s Daughter has an amazing menu of brunch, lunch and dinner options in its cute, quaint locations in Nolita and the West Village. If you like salad, their salad menu alone is impressive, including a watermelon ricotta salad that is to die for.

The Farmer’s Market in Union Square


Like to cook on your own? The Farmer’s Market pops up every Saturday and Sunday in Union Square and has everything a vegetarian could ask for. Pick up fresh goat cheese, a few vegetables and even a plant or two if you want to grow your own.

Superiority Burger
PHOTO: Gabriele Stabile
PHOTO: Gabriele Stabile

Miss burgers? No worries, Superiority Burger has got you covered with some of the best veggie burgers in the city. They even say some of their menu is “accidentally vegan,” so there’s something for everyone!

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