NYC’s Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Now Has a ‘Last Jedi’-Inspired Menu

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In honor of the release of The Last Jedi last week, downtown Brooklyn’s Alamo Drafthouse Cinema created a completely, Star Wars-inspired menu. Not only are the menu items named with movie references, but the menu itself is in the shape of BB-8.

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema serves casual dining options with a rotating specials menu. This month, the specials were created with Star Wars in mind.

“Sink your teeth into some meaty nerf strips. Go over to the Dark (Chocolate) Side with a Supreme Leader Shake…Snack on a big ol’ bowl of fiery Lava Planet Popcorn, or find yourself some Tatooine-style comfort with a heaping plate of Twin Sun Hash.”

And in cinematic style, here’s a video of the Special Menu:

The special will only be available for as long as supplies last.

Featured image source: Alamo Drafthouse