NYC Reports First Day Of Zero COVID-19 Deaths Since March

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

NYC Reports First Day Of Zero COVID-19 Deaths Since March

Exactly four months since the first death was reported, NYC reached the milestone of zero daily COVID-19 deaths on Saturday, July 11.  

The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene released the news yesterday. For the first time since March, there has been a 24 hour period in which no one in New York City has died from the coronavirus.

“That is so striking and so moving, and it’s a statement again about how this city fights back, how people do not ever give in,” the Mayor said in his daily press conference. “It’s something that should make us hopeful, but it’s very hard to take a victory lap because we know we have so much more ahead. This disease is far from beat.”

He referenced the spikes in other cities in the country, saying that though we can appreciate this moment and all the hard work New Yorkers did to keep the disease under control, it isn’t cause to celebrate.

You can see the stark decline more visually here:

He said things are going well during the phased reopening, and that healthcare indicators are staying in the right place. But, as the city is constantly monitoring data for possible dangers, he said they do see one trend that is worrisome: the infection rate is rising in young people between ages 20-29. So, they are “doubling down on making sure younger adults follow the precautions that have worked so well.”

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