NYC Will Launch A New Fleet Of Double Decker Buses

Caitlin Horsfield Caitlin Horsfield

NYC Will Launch A New Fleet Of Double Decker Buses
The MTA is taking a cue from our brothers and sisters across the pond and is planning on doubling up city buses this year.

On Monday, the New York City Transit confirmed that they will be testing their first double-decker commuter bus in decades.

The 12-foot, 9-inch blue bus will begin running from Staten Island to Manhattan in the next few weeks, and plans to add more routes to the fleet if the system is successful are already underway.

The city ran double-decker buses from the 1930s to the ’70s and has since been toying with the idea of bringing them back, although it’s never really caught on. The double-deckers you see across the city tend to be tour buses inundated by tourists and not exactly commuter oriented.

However, according to Darryl Irick, the head of the MTA’s bus division, the inside of the bus is tight and is intended for longer routes with shorter stops and isn’t intended for local bus trips.

Plans to completely revamp the city bus system are being considered and include a path to all door boarding to help increase efficiency. No matter what, the city has a transit crisis on its hands so any change is welcome just about now. Let’s see if the new buses help alleviate a bit of the commuter congestion.

Featured image: nypost.com

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