This NYC Speakeasy Makes Personalized Cocktails For Each Guest

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This NYC Speakeasy Makes Personalized Cocktails For Each Guest

The 18th Room is a speakeasy in Chelsea that creates personalized cocktails for each guest that comes in for a drink.

Created by the co-owner of Bathtub Gin, Dave Oz opened this inventive space on 134 Ninth Avenue. Although it’s located near 18th street, the name actually comes from the 18th Amendment that created the Prohibition. Inspired by the time period, the decor has a 1920’s Art Deco vibe and both jazz and swing play throughout the bar.

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The bar itself is managed by Joseph Boroski—the mastermind behind the uniquely curated drinks. Each cocktail is created depending on the spirits and flavors of preference the customer has. Some cocktails he has created include Nailed It! (which is made of whisky, carrot whisky liqueur, house-crafted chocolate fudge, smoked salt) and Un-Pulped Fiction (which is made with coconut oil-washed rum, caramelized pineapple shrub, fresh lime, and macadamia nut). Fare is also served at the speakeasy with menu items such as steak tartare, shellfish cocktails, and chicken wings.


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When you come upon the location you’ll find a coffee supply store as its storefront—next to a coffee shop that acts as the storefront for Bathtub Gin. Behind the coffee supply store, however, hides The 18th Room speakeasy which can accommodate 75 guests. The bar is open on Tuesdays and Wednesday from 5 p.m. until 1 a.m., and then from Thursdays to Saturdays from 5 p.m. until 2 a.m.

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