Cuomo Announces Bowling Alleys Can Reopen Monday, & Museums Later This Month

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

Cuomo Announces Bowling Alleys Can Reopen Monday, & Museums Later This Month

NYC has just reached another phase of reopening! Well, kind of.

There were originally four phases of reopening for New York State, and though New York City entered the last phase back on Monday, July 20, it looked a bit different for us.

While we welcomed back low-risk outdoor arts and entertainment (like botanical gardens, zoos, etc.), low-risk indoor activities were cut out at the last minute due to safety concerns.

And now they’re officially almost back! Governor Cuomo just announced today, August 14, that bowling alleys will be allowed to reopen this Monday, August 17, while museums, aquariums and other cultural institutions will be able to open on August 24. The Met had originally announced plans to open on August 29, and the American Museum of Natural History planned for September 9.

Of course, there are certain safety measures that must be followed. Bowling alleys must remain at 50% capacity, while museums must remain at 25%. Face masks must be worn by staff and visitors at all times, and high-risk interactive exhibits must be closed. There must also be timed ticketing systems in place.

He said he will announce news about gym openings on Monday.


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featured image source: The Met

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