NYC Hit Record High Temperatures This Weekend

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NYC Hit Record High Temperatures This Weekend

We thought it was November but it seemed Mother Nature was still stuck in summer this past weekend!

New Yorkers could be seen milling about everywhere this weekend not only in celebration of the election results announced Saturday morning, but soaking up the sun on these unseasonably warm past few days. The city was alive and bustling with giddy New Yorkers sporting their shorts and short sleeves for the last time this season. Parks, streets, and outdoor dining flourished as everyone wanted to enjoy the last bit of warm weather before winter comes along.

According to  the National Weather Service Eastern Region, the Eastern part of the U.S. experienced nearly four dozen record breakers/ties for high temperatures on November 8th.

Temperatures across the state specifically broke record highs, as Saturday and Sunday showed some of the warmest temperatures for the dates of Nov. 7 & 8th in the New York state since 1938! As for the city, the National Weather Service New York, NY shared that “five of our six climate sites broke record highs [this past Sunday], except for Central Park, which missed by a degree (75F with a record of 76F in 1975)!”

New York LGA reached 76F this Saturday on Nov. 7th, higher than the previous record for that date of 72F in 2015 while New York JFK got up to 73F surpassing the 2015 record of 70F. For Nov. 8th, New York LGA hit 77F this weekend breaking record high of 74F in 1975 and New York JFK reached 74F compared to past record temperature of 71F in 1975.

Though Central Park may have missed the record high by a degree, New Yorkers still made sure to take advantage of the day and turned to outdoor activities before they have to bundle up in the coming months. These unusually high temperatures are expected to continue through today and tomorrow, so fortunately, New Yorkers have more days to enjoy the beautiful weather!

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