New York City Public Pools May Still Open This Summer

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New York City Public Pools May Still Open This Summer

There’s a chance NYC’s public pools may still open for the summer!

During his media briefing on Tuesday, June 9, the mayor mentioned that summer activities (beach and pool access) would be reassessed. The response came after a reporter mentioned that the day was planned to hit 90-degrees in the afternoon, and asked whether there were any plans to allow people access to either swim in a pool, beach, “or get in a sprinkler.”

Mayor de Blasio explain that there will be additional sprinklers set up in parks that people can already begin using in phase one. He also goes on to say: “But you raise a very important point about the beaches, the pools. We’re now going to be reassessing everything. We’re making some real progress.”

If NYC can keep the number of Covid-19 cases as low as they’ve been in recent days, reopening things like beaches and pools can be discussed. He says in full:

“If we had a resurgence the wrong way, then we’re literally shutting down phase one and going back to fuller restrictions or worse. So, it’s going to take a little patience, but, absolutely, we can have a conversation now with a little more opportunity to envision progress around beaches. And now, we can start a conversation around pools.”

He continues to express it’s not certain, but the possibility is there.

” I don’t know if we’ll get there, but at least we can at least begin that conversation now for the first time, based on what you saw today with those indicators.”

[Featured image source: brooklynbridgepark.org by Etienne Frossard]

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