A NYC Pizza Shop Is Now Offering Pizza Bouquets For Weddings

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A NYC Pizza Shop Is Now Offering Pizza Bouquets For Weddings
If there’s one thing (almost) all New Yorkers have in common it’s the love of a true New York slice. So much so that New York pizza chain, Villa, is helping pizza fans incorporate the food into their special day.

There’s a love so strong for pizza in this city that museums have been dedicated to it, shops cater free weddings on Pi day, and now a popular pizza chain will be hosting a raffle for free pizza bouquets and boutonnieres.

Villa Italian Kitchen is offering lucky brides and grooms the opportunity to win either a bouquet and boutonniere or a combination of two of either.  You have until June 15th to join in on the competition and winners will be chosen on the 18th and notified via email. Every couple who enters on their website automatically receives a coupon for one free cheese slice.

piza boutinoure

The quirky wedding pieces are elaborate, each piece is handcrafted by NYC food stylist Jessie Bearden. The ingredients are surprising as well. It might look strange, but the flowers are composed of fresh dough and 100% whole milk mozzarella along with California tomatoes and pepperoni. Each bouquet takes about 24 hours to bake and then arrange.

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It’s definitely quirky and if you like a specific design more than others, Bearden can arrange it according to your tastes. If you’re getting married this summer and are obsessed enough with pizza to have it as your bouquet, enter here!

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