NYC is in the Path of an Extreme “Bomb Cyclone” Winter Storm

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NYC is in the Path of an Extreme “Bomb Cyclone” Winter Storm
A huge winter storm, referred to as a “bomb cyclone”, is crawling it’s way up the east coast and set to hit New York City. Expect snow, harsh winds, and freezing temperatures. Here are the details.

Good luck trying to get around the city tomorrow (Thursday, January 4). If you thought the last ten-day cold snap was bad, strap yourself in for the “bomb cyclone” that is working it’s way up the east coast.

Manhattan is likely to get around 3 inches of snow starting around  6 am on Thursday, while other parts of the city could see around double that.

This current onslaught of extreme winter weather is called a “bomb cyclone’’ because of a sudden and dramatic drop in pressure like a wintery storm explosion. Meteorologist Ryan Maue highlighted that we could see pressure “as low as Sandy and hurricane winds.”

While New York City can expect up to 30 degrees Thursday (even with the snow and wind), the Arctic air following the storm will drop temperatures to a bone-chilling 17 degrees by Friday, warming only slightly through the weekend. Bad news for anyone looking forward to the “No Pants Subway Ride” on Sunday.

google | weather.com
google | weather.com

Be careful on your morning commute on Thursday morning, SecretNYCers.

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