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NYC is Officially the Sweatiest City in the Country

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NYC is Officially the Sweatiest City in the Country

A study conducted by the makers of Honeywell Fans found that New York City tops the list of sweatiest cities in America. Being Number one isn’t always a good thing. 

New York City is known for many things, Art, Music, Diversity… now you can go ahead and add sweaty to the list. If you’re anything like me, your knee-jerk reaction is to pass this off as some nonsense and carry on with your day …but, if you WERE anything like me, you’d have just been squished into the damp armpit of a straphanger on an overcrowded subway, before being jostled around by the sweaty people getting off of the train like a foul smelling pinball. Let’s face it… Honeywell Fans’ study may have a point. Summer in the NYC can feel like 8,5 million people sharing a giant sauna together, and it can get a little gross.

So, one thing is we NYers recognizing we’re a sweaty bunch, another thing is a maker of Fans telling us we stink… It’s like KFC telling you you’re suffering from a chicken deficiency. Nevertheless, According to the Honeywell Fans’ study, New York tops the list of sweatiest cities in the country.

Honeywell teamed up with an environmental consulting company to look at information pertaining to air-conditioning, use of public transportation, average summer temperatures, and top professions to compile their list. Thanks to NYC’s large population, the number of high stress jobs per capita, the subway (obviously) we top the list… It’s not always good to come first. Here’s the top ten list in it’s entirety, and you’ll find the full study HERE.

1. New York

2. Washington, D.C.

3. Chicago

4. Miami

5. Boston

6. Philadelphia

7. Atlanta

9. Houston

10. New Orleans

Featured image source [Flickr | Guian Bolisay]