5 Things You Might Have Missed Last Week In NYC: Jan. 24

Justine Golata Justine Golata

5 Things You Might Have Missed Last Week In NYC: Jan. 24

From potential 4-day work weeks to wine & beer now legalized in NY movie theaters, there is so much to catch up on!

Here are our top five highlights:

1. Is a 4-Day work week in the cards for NYC?


Sounds like a dream, no? The Uk is launching a new trial testing out a 4-day work week, and if all goes well we can only hope such a change will be implemented in NYC. The 6-month trial will decrease the work week to 32 hours with no pay loss for the workers. Research collected shows that this initiative would benefit all parties involved from employees, employers, society, the economy, and the environment. Sure, we’re hustlers, but that doesn’t mean we wouldn’t like an extra day off! Read more here.

2. Cardi B covers all funeral costs for victims of the Bronx apartment fire

Shutterstock via lev radin

Famous rapper and Bronx native has made a generous effort to aid the victims and their families of the devastating Bronx apartment fire by covering all funeral costs and repatriations. The fire was one of the worst in decades for the city, and since its tragic occurrence New Yorkers & the community have come together to help in any way possible. Find out more details here.

3. NYC Ferry will start year-round service to Governors Island along South Brooklyn Route

Facebook/ NYC Ferry via @bklyn2nyc⁠

Starting today, New Yorkers will be able to head to Governors Island on the year-round South Brooklyn Route. This Ferry line will grant more NYC neighborhoods direct access to the island oasis by adding additional stops between Sunset Park/Brooklyn Army Terminal and Red Hook/Atlantic Basin. Learn more here.

4. New Yorkers can now enjoy beer & wine inside movie theaters


Instead of slurping down slushies, you’ll be able to gulp down a nice cold beer with your movie theater popcorn as NY theaters are now able to apply for licenses to sell beer and wine within their venues. This has been a long awaited ruling requested by the NATO, and it wasn’t until a unanimous vote by the SLA last week that their appeal was granted. Find out more here.

5. Pete Davidson and Colin Jost just purchased a Staten Island Ferry

Screenshot/ Youtube via Saturday Night Live

For a little over a quarter of a million dollars, SNL stars and Staten Island natives are the newest owners of a recently decommissioned Staten Island Ferry. Their plans to turn the 277 foot vessel into an entertainment venue has peaked the interests of many excited New Yorkers and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t in the mix. Read more here.

Bonus: It’s your last chance to transport right inside the mysterious world of Hawkins at Netflix’s first-ever ‘Stranger Things’ store

Join the gang and travel back into the 80s at the ‘Stranger Things’ store pop-up located in Times Square. Explore all of your favorite locations from the show, like Hawkins High, Starcourt Mall or even check out the Palace Arcade and see if you can beat MadMax’s high score! Shop exclusive merch and make sure to snap some totally rad pics at all the photo-ops. The pop-up is only here through the end of the week (January 30th) so make sure to reserve your spot now!

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