NYers Living in this Neighborhood Are 2x More Likely to Find A Date than You

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Will you be alone tomorrow? Is Valentine’s Day a black hole of unrequited right-swiping? StreetEasy and Hinge have found that your crappy love-life might have more to do with where you live than you think.

If you’re suffering repetitive strain injury from all the right -swiping in the run-up to Love Day, the real estate website StreetEasy and dating app Hinge analyzed how appealing dates and real estate may be closely linked.

StreetEasy looked at data from Hinge users across the city in 2016 and found that the West Village is the most “popular neighborhood for dating in the city and those who live in the neighborhood are twice as likely to attract a potential date” according to their blog.

Other popular neighborhoods in NYC are:

  1. West Village
  2. Murray Hill
  3. Flatiron District
  4. East Village
  5. Chelsea
  1. Williamsburg
  2. Brooklyn Heights
  3. Greenpoint
  4. Fort Greene
  5. East Williamsburg
  1. Astoria
  2. Hunter’s Point
  3. Long Island City
  4. Forest Hills


featured image source [t.germeau | Flickr]