This Hidden NYC Bakery Sells Macaron-Stuffed Cookies • Dana’s Bakery

They're called "mookies"!

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This Hidden NYC Bakery Sells Macaron-Stuffed Cookies • Dana’s Bakery

Of course you go to Dylan’s Candy Bar for the sweets, but did you know there is a delicious bakery “bar” tucked away on the bottom floor?

It’s Dana’s Bakery, which is based out of South Hakensack New Jersey, but treats are shipped fresh into NYC every single day. Owner Dana Loia Pollack has been putting “an American twist” on classic French macarons since 2012. Some notable types include glitter, red velvet, and chocolate-covered.

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But a couple years ago (in 2018) she unveiled her latest invention: the “Mookie,” a macaron stuffed inside a cookie! Combos include a chocolate molten macaron inside a chocolate chip cookie, a birthday cake macaron inside a funfetti cookie, a raspberry jam macaron inside an oatmeal chocolate raisin cookie, and a red velvet macaron inside a red velvet cookie.

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The flavor of the month for February is a twist on the chocolate-covered strawberry: a pink chocolate covered strawberry macaron stuffed inside a double chocolate cookie (available through February 28). Yum.

Everything offered there is gluten-free and kosher, so almost everyone can partake! Side note: they also have these gorgeous rainbow black and white cookies:

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