Is NYC The Loneliest Place On The Planet? This Survey Says That It Could Be

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Is NYC The Loneliest Place On The Planet? This Survey Says That It Could Be

New York City is a meting pot. 8.4 million individuals living their own lives, experiencing the city in their own way. Among all the things that make us different, there are somethings that unite us.

Timeout conducted their fist city index survey, and the results for NYC were predictable, with a few little surprises.

In the survey people answered questions about everything from food to affordability.

You won’t be surprised to learn that NYC is the world capital when it comes to culture, and in a city of over eight million people with lots to do you’d think it’d be easy to meet people …well that is sadly not the case. The survey revealed that over half of New Yorkers feel lonely.

How can that be? We’re lonely? Four million of us? Well it doesn’t stop there, only 10% of NYers find it easy to make friends, and even more depressingly, 4% find it easy to find love.

So, how come so many of us find it hard to connect? As more and more of us look to make connections online, does that leave little room for forging relationships in traditional, face-to-face encounters? Would you think it’s creepy or annoying if someone approached you and struck up conversation? Sadly, a lot of us probably would, myself included. Food for thought.

For a lot of us, NYC offers a certain anonymity. It’s much easier to go unnoticed in a big city, and maybe that is the real crux of the issue. If your anonymity is valuable to you, bear in mind that 51% of New Yorkers would Google their potential date. So yeah, you’re screwed either way.

Check out more details from the Timeout’s city index survey HERE.

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