What Would NYC be like if it were on the West Coast

Christine Megrejo Christine Megrejo

What Would NYC be like if it were on the West Coast

East coast vs West coast is a long-standing rivalry; California is all laid back, dude, and New York is constantly on an IV of caffeine. California has the worst traffic ever, and New York has a subway system that likes to put us all in precarious situations daily. It’s about as different as different can get. That said, what if we took NYC, picked it up and placed it next to the Pacific ocean? Would it still be the NYC we know now? Here’s what we think would happen:


Manhattan would start to open surf shops: New York is nothing if not known for its ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit, so you know there would be some surf shops opening up to capitalize on the new beach front areas we’d be near. The Choppy Chelsea Surf Shop, anyone?


Our celebrity residents would rival L.A.: Sure, NYC has celebrities that live here now, but the bulk of them are still out in Hollywood. But if we picked up and moved to the coast, we think we’d get a few more. Maybe Ashton & Mila would come hang out with us?


We might be less of workaholics: Of all the positives that could come of the change, maybe New Yorkers would chill out a bit more, let the laid back vibe of sunny Cali rub off on us. Subway not working? No big, let’s just head to the beach and work there!

We’d still be expensive: Because that’s one thing that will never change, no matter what coast you’re on.

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