All Non-Essential June Events Have Been Cancelled In NYC

Including NYC Pride

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

All Non-Essential June Events Have Been Cancelled In NYC

In his press conference this morning, April 20, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that all NYC permits for events in June would be canceled.

All permitted events in May had already been canceled last week, but he had mentioned that he would be speaking with June event organizers to come to a consensus.

This includes: parades, concerts, rallies, and large gatherings. He didn’t specify events of a specific number of people, but these are events that require permits from the city to be held, typically drawing thousands.

“It’s not a happy announcement but it’s one we have to make,” the Mayor said. “A lot of these events will be postponed. I want to make that clear: the permits are being canceled for June, but a lot of the event organizers are looking to do something later in the year, and we’re going to work with them on that…The bottom line is saving lives, and protecting people’s health.”

Events of note include the Pride March (which it was the 50th anniversary of), the Puerto Rican Day Parade, and the Celebrate Israel Parade.

The Interim Executive Director of NYC Heritage of Pride, which runs the march, said: “Pride is a staple in New York City, and is oftentimes a safe space for many. This weighed on our members, board, and staff, knowing that we serve as a haven for vulnerable communities.

“It was not easy to arrive at the decision to cancel pride as we have come to know it over the years, especially given the financial impact this could have on LGBTQIA+ people and businesses, but our top priority remains the health and well-being of all those that participate with us. ”

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