JUST IN: Indoor Dining In NYC Can Reopen This Friday

At 25% capacity

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

JUST IN: Indoor Dining In NYC Can Reopen This Friday

On January 29, Governor Cuomo announced that indoor dining in NYC could reopen on Valentine’s Day, but now it will be allowed two days before.

After opening in September, only to close again in December, indoor dining was allowed to reopen again on Valentine’s Day, February 14 at 25% capacity. After many have voiced safety concerns about the decision, Governor Cuomo actually moved the day up — to this Friday, February 12 instead. 

He announced the news in today’s press conference (Feb. 8), noting that NYC’s positivity rate has continued to decrease, as was projected. “We respond to the data, we respond to the facts that we face today,” he said. “The facts may change tomorrow, and then we will change with them. But, the numbers are down now.”

He said the restaurants have “made the point” that they want to open a couple days earlier, since Valentine’s Day is so busy, to get the staff oriented and make sure supplies are ready.

The initial news came after many advocacy groups and restauranteurs called for the reopening, as businesses are struggling more than ever with the ice cold temperatures, and other areas surrounding the city do allow indoor dining at limited capacity.

The Governor had said that statewide, the holiday case “surge” had been going down, and the overall statewide positivity rate was at its lowest point since December 11.

Well perhaps New Yorkers won’t have to dine outdoors for the famous romantic holiday after all…if you can get a reservation, that is!

featured image source: Facebook / Kyma Flatiron

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