BREAKING: NYC Has Now Topped 1,000 Coronavirus Cases

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

BREAKING: NYC Has Now Topped 1,000 Coronavirus Cases

Governor Cuomo announced this morning that the total number of positive cases in NYC is up to 1,339. This is up from 814 even since yesterday.

The state of New York currently has the highest number of cases in the United States. Of course, it makes sense as we have expanded testing that many people people are coming back positive.

He said biggest issue right now is the hospital capacity. According to 45 day projections, NYC could need up to 110,000 hospital beds (currently we have 53,000) and 37,000 ICU (currently we have 3,000).

They are focused on increasing hospital capacity and creating new hospital beds by converting other facilities. He said the federal government is on board with assisting. President Trump is also dispatching the “USNS Comfort” a literal hospital boat that will be docked in New York harbor that can outfit 1,000 patients.

They are also building up a reserve capacity of workers by reaching out to retired medical professionals, and medical and nursing students.

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