NYC Gyms Can Officially Start To Reopen In Early September

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NYC Gyms Can Officially Start To Reopen In Early September

Though some were hoping gyms in NYC would reopen by the end of August, the city has finally shared an official reopening date: September 2.

Mayor de Blasio shared the news on Friday, August 21 on WNYC’s the Brian Lehrer Show, after the Governor had said that gyms throughout the state could begin opening as soon as Monday, August 24 if they were ready. The Mayor delayed it until September 2 so there would be more time to prepare with the many specific requirements in place.

First, the gyms must be inspected by their local governments before or within two weeks of the gym’s opening to make sure they are complying with state orders. Other regulations include: capacity must be limited to 33%, face coverings are required at all times, customers must disinfect equipment after every use, there will be no shared water fountains or communal showers, required sign-ins and health screenings, and more.

You can read about all of the specifics on the state website here. It was left up to local governments to make decisions regarding elements like fitness classes, etc, and de Blasio said indoor classes and pools will remain closed for now.

So, you’re only a little over a week away from getting that workout back on!

Still, if you’re not quite ready to head back to the indoor gym, why not try NYC’s first-ever outdoor cycling studio?

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