NYC guide for the Hungover New Yorker

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NYC guide for the Hungover New Yorker

If you live in New York and have never been hungover, then you’re either the luckiest person alive or lying. The whole New Yorker lifestyle revolves around bars, boozy brunches and drinks on rooftops, so chances are that hangover has hit you like a truck more than once. Thankfully in a city with pretty much everything, you can survive following these 5 steps.

giphy (1)Get yourself to the nearest deli, and order something greasy. A bacon, egg, and cheese is a classic go to, but it isn’t the only thing that works. Heck, if you’re waking up at noon you might as well skip breakfast and go right for the Chinese food lunch.

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Detour to the nearest pharmacy, whether Duane Reade or a mom and pop shop and get yourself aspirin and a Pedialyte. Yes, that drink you give to babies. It works wonders to give you the nutrients you need to fight a bad hangover, more than a sugary sports drink ever will.

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If it’s the weekend and you can hide indoors, close those blinds and get ready for a Netflix binge day, because functioning is going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

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If you have to go to work, take sunglasses and a hoodie, scarf, any way you can hide from people and the lights of the subway car. Frequent any quiet meeting or call rooms your office might have for quick recharge moments. Taking a nap in the bathroom stall is not a trick to be looked down upon, it can save your life.

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If all else fails, remember, it’s not hard to find a bit of hair of the dog to keep you going. In fact, we literally have a bar here called Hair of the Dog. New Yorkers know.

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