NYC is the Greatest City in the World? Not Anymore Apparently

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NYC is the Greatest City in the World? Not Anymore Apparently
What now!? Yeah, apparently we lost our “World’s Best City” status …and you’re probably not going to like who we lost it to. The self-professed “most comprehensive city ranking on the planet” ranks New York City at number 2.

Real talk. We may pretend that it doesn’t mean much, but we love the bragging rights of living in New York City. When we’re out of town we drop it into a conversation like a vegan steers conversation towards their eating habits …but what if living in NYC didn’t inspire the awe that we think it does? According to bestcities.org living in New York City doesn’t mean as much as it used to.

“Bestcities” calls their The World’s Best Cities ranking “the most comprehensive city ranking on the planet,” and they place New York City at Number two, behind London.

The site uses the opinions of a city’s visitors and its residents from global consulting firm Resonance Consultancy and ranks the success of a city by analyzing and comparing 23 factors grouped into six categories:

Place – The quality of a city’s natural and built environment. Bad news for NYC, it also takes into account things like air quality.

Product – A city’s institutions, attractions, and infrastructure. We may be killing it in the entertainment and museum part of this, but airport connectivity (thanks, LaGuardia), ant the state of the subway probably lost us points here.

Programming – This category focusses on arts, culture, entertainment and culinary scene in a city, presumably we killed it here.

People – Focussing on a city’s immigration rate and diversity.

Prosperity – The quality and quantity of a city’s employment opportunities and corporate head offices.

Promotion – From what we can tell, this is mainly “online presence.” It takes into account things like Google search results, Google Trends, Facebook Check-ins, and TripAdvisor reviews.

Here’s how we fared in all six categories:

We may have lost out to our English cousins, but at least North American cities lead the 2018 rankings overall.  Six of the 15 cities were in North America, five in Europe, and two in Asia, and, for the first time in the rankings history, a city in the Middle East made an appearance.

Here’s the full list:

1. London
2. New York
3. Paris
4. Moscow
5. Tokyo
6. Singapore
7. Dubai
8. Barcelona
9. San Francisco
10. Chicago

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