NYC is Getting its First Real Games Con and it Looks Epic!

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NYC is Getting its First Real Games Con and it Looks Epic!
Finally, New York City is getting its own dedicated games convention, and it’s about time.

Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. Popular gaming conventions, like E3 and Pax (East and West), hit the national and international news headlines on a yearly basis. It leaves many wondering, why don’t we have a convention in the greatest city on earth, NYC?

>We have an answer for San Diego Comic Con right here with NYCC, and now we have our own homegrown Games Con with PLAY NYC and it promises some of the biggest names in gaming, everyone from the largest games studios, to some of your favorite indie developers both old and new.

PLAY NYC is New York’s first and only dedicated games convention for creators and players alike. Unlike many other gaming conventions around the country, PLAY NYC celebrates every facet of gaming, in two fun-packed days and nights.

The convention will be uniting developers, players, and industry pros in a fully loaded weekend where you’ll be totally immersed in the video game universe. From inspiring talks by diverse and popular innovators, to exciting digital, tabletop and live outdoor games.

The main stage of Terminal 5 will be converted into a livestream where you’ll be able to catch up with New York’s biggest Twitch streamers, including tournaments and mini-events throughout.

PLAY NYC takes place on August 19th & 20th (10 am to 6 pm) at Terminal 5 (610 W 56th St) Manhattan’s landmark concert venue. See you there!

Click HERE for more info and tickets for NYC’s first gaming convention, PLAY NYC!