Record Rain From Tropical Storm Elsa Completely Floods NYC Streets & Subways

These videos are insane!

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Record Rain From Tropical Storm Elsa Completely Floods NYC Streets & Subways

Torrential downpours from Tropical Storm Elsa caused mass flash flooding last night, leaving NYC subway stations and streets waist-deep in water.

While it’s still raining at the moment, it’s set to let up later this morning, opening up to a warm and dry day — until scattered showers & thunder storms hit later this afternoon into tonight.

In case you missed what happened last night, here are some of the craziest videos captured by New Yorkers of the state the storm left NYC in:


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And it wasn’t just the subways. Users posted these videos on Dyckman St. in Inwood:


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And even local highways left drivers stranded:

Of course, all danger aside, you did catch some videos like this where you just had to crack up at an “only in NYC” moment:

According to an interview with the New York Times, interim president of New York City Transit Sarah Feinberg said the subway flooding was caused by “a confluence of factors: underground drains being overwhelmed by the ferocity of the rain; vents and stairways serving as conduits for the same reason; and street-level flooding spilling over curbs and down into the subway.”

She said the subway “got pounded by rain in places that don’t typically flood,” and told New Yorkers to not try to get through places that seemed “impassable,” and instead allow the drains and MTA crews to clear out the water.

Here are safety tips the NYC’s emergency management arm shared this morning as the rain continues:

featured image source: Twitter / PaulleeWR

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