You Can Now Be Fined Up To $1,000 For Not Following Social Distancing Regulations In NY

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You Can Now Be Fined Up To $1,000 For Not Following Social Distancing Regulations In NY

The NYPD and other government agencies have been patrolling NYC Parks and streets to warn people if they’re not practicing safe enough social distancing measures (at least six feet apart), and now they will fine people who aren’t listening.

Mayor de Blasio had previously authorized the use of fines in parks and playgrounds if needed, in the range of $250-500. But, in a press conference by NYS Governor Cuomo today (April 6), he said he was increasing the maximum fine for violations of State social distancing protocols to $1,000.

In the conference, he said that with the weather turning warmer, people must resist the desire to go outside.

“Frankly, there has been a laxness on social distancing, especially over this past weekend, that is just wholly unacceptable,” he said. “People are dying. People in the healthcare system are exposing themselves every day to tremendous risk…If I can’t convince you to show discipline for yourself, then show discipline for other people.”

He explained that your “irresponsibility” could put a “burden on all sorts of other people.”

“People, especially in New York City, the level of activity is up,” he said, as he pointed to a slide with photos from the weekend that still showed NYC Parks extremely crowded. “I understand that the weather is nice, that people have been locked up for a long time, but now is not the time to be lax and it is a mistake. We all have a responsibility, we all have a role in this. We said that from day one, and we have to respect the role that we must play.”

He also called for local governments to be more aggressive in their enforcement of the social distancing rules.

You can see why from these photos and videos from this past weekend on social media:


featured image source: Twitter / @joshmorrissey

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