NYC’s Favorite Eccentric Italian Chef Is Still Serving Up Killer Cooking Lessons On Instagram

Just a reminder that Frank Prisinzano's IG stories are bringing the heat

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NYC’s Favorite Eccentric Italian Chef Is Still Serving Up Killer Cooking Lessons On Instagram

Frank Prisinzano of Lil Frankie’s and Supper became a social media sensation thanks to cooking lessons on his Instagram—which are punctuated by his aggressive, but aggressively loving, personality.

What can he say? He has a passion for food and for teaching! And we’re here to remind you that while you’re stuck at home in quarantine, those lessons are the perfect answer to “what should I make for dinner?” or “what’s the next indoor skill I should try to perfect”?

Though his last post was from March 16 (and was still very on-brand, he described simple dishes as when “healthy fat and extreme heat fornicate and give birth to mesmerizing char”), most evenings he’s still hopping on Instagram Stories to share what he’s making for dinner, along with the soundtrack courtesy of his record player, of course. He also has tons of lessons shared to his “highlights” reel.

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#SimpleMisconception Dont assume simple dishes are simpler to make These are ignorant lies Simple food requires a warlocks touch Moisture, so paramount as it dictates texture And texture, is simples’ bitch on its knees Healthy fat and extreme heat fornicate and give birth to mesmerizing char Grab my ass, squeeze my boobs, get crust on that meat You need clean technique to create, maintain, and coordinate food textures in real time on the fly You need flow or you are dead on arrival Game, or you ain’t getting laid You are a magnetized pinball in a 3 foot diameter circle Find the poetry in the repetition of motion and the consolidation of steps Slow dance the method Entangle the ingredients and their fragrances Shove them in your mouth and up your nose Be like an aggressive bloodhound, slobbering all over your tomatoes, embarrassing her artichokes, proposing to his lemons Push the earth through your nose Tattoo the flavors to your minds palate Summon at will and virtually taste Spin that kaleidoscope Find true food intimacy You are home grown intelligence That food is pure instinct Sharp as a razor It’s fuel to f&@k, and it’s pure art #MeditationsOnTheSimple

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Last night he alternated between John Coltrane and Dire Straights as he prepared a divine-looking skirt steak dish with peppers, Cipollini onions, spinach and a sauce made with white wine and sugo (a concentrated meat and tomato sauce).

He, of course, is employing all his usual special “methods,” which are also saved in his IG story highlights if you need a refresher. He used the “brown butter method” to cook the steak, and then added the sliced peppers and onions (which of course he described as “so sexual” while it was cooking). He cooked the spinach using his “sneaky spinach method” (cooking it in an extremely hot pre-heated pan so it is just barely wilts).

And he made the dish only using what he already had in his Noho loft apartment.

These educational, passionate (who knew food and cooking could be so sexually charged?!) lessons are sure to make your quarantine that much more bearable.

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featured image source: Instagram / @frankprisinzano

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