NYC Eagerly Wants to be Amazon’s Second Home

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NYC Eagerly Wants to be Amazon’s Second Home

We’ve hopped on their bandwagon and put a bid in for HQ2. Now, every borough of NYC is pleading with Amazon to build their headquarters there. 

The company has already announced their creation of over 2,000 jobs in New York with a huge office opening next year at Brookfield’s 5 Manhattan West building in FiDi. But NYC wants it all!

Since Amazon has been eyeing various cities for their second North America headquarters, NYC has been trying vigorously to win them over. Each borough quickly putting together plans in order to coax Amazon into choosing that neighborhood—Williamsburg, Sunset Park, Long Island City.

Amazon is accepting proposals through October 19, which is putting the pressure on developers to meet their requirements and create a winning pitch.

The new headquarters will significantly help out the economy of whichever city it chooses, creating roughly 50,000 jobs. Naturally, the competition is high.

A few of the big cities competing for Amazon’s approval include: Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Cleveland, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, Dallas, Baltimore, Toronto, and Pittsburgh. However any comprehensive list of all cities would be endless.

Cities are bending over backwards to appeal to Amazon, and it’s getting…ridiculous. The competition is so intense that people have taken matters to their Twitter feeds (as most do) to troll the situation.

The craziest part about the tweets, is that a majority of them are completely real! The most insane might be Georgia’s pitch to have an ENTIRE CITY named Amazon if their chosen! 

Even though cities have until October 19 to pitch Amazon, the company won’t be announcing the location until sometime next year. 

Featured image source [courtesy of Amazon]

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