These Are The Cutest Photos Of NYC Dogs Bundled Up In The Winter Cold

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

These Are The Cutest Photos Of NYC Dogs Bundled Up In The Winter Cold

With temperatures dropping, New Yorkers are loading on coats, scarves and hats to combat the cold. And those New Yorkers aren’t just people…they’re dogs too!

We couldn’t resist sharing the most adorable photos of pups across the city as they try to keep warm in this weather.

These oh-so-cute pics will surely warm your heart in the icy cold temps.

Don’t talk to Obi-Wan until she’s had her morning coffee…

Instagram / @the_doggie_days

What’s black and white and RED all over? Meeko the Dalmatian in her winter parka!

Instagram / @meekothedalmation

Daisy taking the obligatory photo in the hand-knit scarf her grandma made her for Christmas.

Instagram / @thebasicflower

Sir Wotan is serving up a LEWK.

Instagram / @sir.wotan

Ralphie basically looks like us when we try to squeeze into a full subway car…

Little Iggy will keep warm and dry in their doggie raincoat.

Instagram / @bongoofnyc

Dino is probably what most of us look like walking around NYC in the winter.

Instagram / @darlingdino

Coco might be nervous for her first car ride, but at least it will be cozy with her festive plaid jacket!

Instagram / @cocotheamericanbully

Teddy is READY for the rain!

Instagram / @exploringwithteddy

You may not be able to see Ruby’s face, but that cable-knit sweater is winter fashion at its finest.

Instagram / @its_ruby

Double the sweaters, double the warmth!

Instagram / @sallylongdog

There’s even a spot for Millie’s ears in her fluffy hat!

Instagram / @sandillie

When you realize you never sent out holiday cards…

Instagram / @thegoldengoosenyc

featured image source: Instagram / @darlingdino

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