New York City Joins The Climate Emergency: What It Means


New York City Joins The Climate Emergency: What It Means
The declaration for climate emergencies have been taking place in various cities around the globe, and yesterday the New York City Council voted to join in on this increasingly important crisis.

According to the Huffington Post, NYC’s declaration currently solidifies its position as the largest city in the Americas to sign on to combatting climate change. As of now, environmental advocacy group, The Climate Mobilization, has reported that 17 other U.S cities are already committed, these include: San Francisco, Hoboken, N.J. and many more. On an even larger scale, a total of 650 municipalities in 15 countries (Canada, France, UK and Ireland) have all declared their respective emergencies.

The vote technically doesn’t include any specific plans on tackling the crisis, however it carries significant symbolic weight, according to grassroots activist movement, Extinction Rebellion. This group has largely impacted decision makers around the world to take a stance on the issue.

The declaration also follows the recent passing of NYC’s Green New Deal, a bill that imposes new rules surrounding the emissions from large buildings, the largest polluter in the city.

featured image: Liam Martens via Unsplash 

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