The NYC Dating App That Matches You With People Based On What You Hate

Rob Grams Rob Grams

The NYC Dating App That Matches You With People Based On What You Hate

Finally, a dating app tailored to NYers! Just kidding SecretNYCers, un-trigger yourselves! ‘Hater‘ is the brainchild of Brendan Alper, a former Goldman Sachs employee, and is unique in the fact that it actively matches you with potential partners based on what you mutually hate.

When users download the app it asks you to swipe (up, down, left, or right) to show how much you love or hate certain things. Swiping up means you ‘love’ of a topic, down means you ‘hate’ it, right signifies ‘like’ and left means ‘dislike’ (see image bellow). As of writing this there are over 2,000 topics to love, like, dislike, or hate, and once you’ve opined on enough of the topics, the app will show you your matches with a percentage rating based on your shared hatred.

Alper notes on BehindTheApp:

It started off as a joke, a wouldn’t-it-be-funny-if and then we kept playing around with it and it seemed like it could work as an actual idea. People seemed to come together around things they hate. It surprisingly brings people together. And then I did some research on it and there are actual studies that show that hating on things brings people a lot closer. And they’re willing to be more honest and open about things they hate. We thought it was a good contrast to other lovey-dovey things out there – I like art, I like surfing – but who really cares?

‘Hater’  launches publicly around the world on February 8,  just in time for Valentines, but is already available on the app store. So, if you hate slow walkers, Taylor Swift, Donald Trump or people who squeeze their toothpaste from the middle of the tube… love could be in the air.

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