NYC Critics Are Raving About The Hilarious “Junk Shakespeare”

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NYC Critics Are Raving About The Hilarious “Junk Shakespeare”
From the creators of the smash hit, “Drunk Shakespeare,” a hilarious new show where “the Bard” meets extreme food challenge. Hilarity and mayhem ensue in this Off-Broadway spectacular.

It’s hard to think about Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, or any other member of the RSC, performing a monologue from Richard III with a mouth full of habanero peppers. Thankfully, you don’t have to, Meme Juice Productions are taking care of it for them.

These comedy masterminds have developed a family-friendly version of their smash hit show “Drunk Shakespeare” only this time with junk food. Think “Shakespeare” meets “Extreme food challenge” and you’re getting the idea. In their own words:

After extensive research we discovered that Shakespeare had a sweet tooth! To try and understand Shakespeare’s original intent, our Society Members put their bodies on the line… eating extreme junk food while attempting to perform a classic Shakespearean play.

As they attempt to perform some of the greatest plays ever written, you can expect famous character impressions, pop culture references, Pop Rocks, and belly laughs!


Like the sister show, every performance of “Junk Shakespeare” is different depending on what the cast is forced to eat. Go see the Bards work as you’ve never seen it before. You won’t regret it.

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