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This NYC Couple Got Married While A Friend Officiated From His Fourth Floor Window

Friends and neighbors stood six feet away

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

This NYC Couple Got Married While A Friend Officiated From His Fourth Floor Window

There’s still “love in the time of coronavirus” here in NYC.

Reilly Jennings and Amanda Wheeler were originally supposed to be married in October but it got postponed, and with the realities that COVID-19 has brought to NYC recently, they knew chances were slim of a wedding still happening.

But this story has a happy (and very New York) ending, as shared on their social media channels and with E Online.

After getting their marriage license on Saturday (March 22), the two lovebirds headed to a court house to make it official. But, while they were on their way, the mayor announced that the marriage bureau would be closed, effective immediately. After feeling heartbroken for a few hours, they heard from one of their good friends, Matt Wilson, that he was ordained and could marry them through the state of New York. (Apparently NYC has laws that state you have to be married by someone ordained by the county clerk).

To effectively practice social distancing, of course, they stood below his fourth story window as he shouted the ceremony from his apartment, and their four close friends watched from a car nearby (along with curious neighbors) .

“What a day,” Reilly wrote. “Amidst the uncertainty and despair we all feel right now, marrying the love of my life in the most NYC moment was perfect. I’ve waited 4 years to call @wheelsfit my wife and this was all just the cherry on top of the love I feel every day.”

What a heartwarming story to get through these days!

Watch the amazing video here:

featured image source: Instagram / @reillyjennings