This NYC Bakery Is Delivering DIY Doughnut Kits

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

This NYC Bakery Is Delivering DIY Doughnut Kits

The Doughnuttery, which you can normally find in Chelsea Market, Columbus Circle and the Plaza Hotel, is known for their adorably delicious mini doughnuts in unique flavors.

And now you can make your own at home! The team has crafted a DIY doughnut kit that is available for pick up or delivery through Seamless ($24.99) and Amazon ($27.99).

It includes one pound of doughnut mix, four Doughnuttery doughnut sugars, a doughnut depositor and instruction guide. 

They also have already-made doughnuts available to order here so if you don’t want to put in the extra work!

Also, starting this week, Doughnuttery is announcing that all hospital workers who pick up will receive doughnuts free of charge as a very small token of their collective gratitude.

The Doughnuttery was established in 2012 in New York City and it known for its unique sugars, from chai tea to bacon to fig to peanut butter.

Add this to your next at-home project list!

featured image source: Courtesy Doughnuttery

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