NYC Alternate Side Parking Will Officially Return On May 18

Claire Leaden Claire Leaden

NYC Alternate Side Parking Will Officially Return On May 18

Alternate Side Parking has been suspended for about eight weeks in NYC, a record in the city’s history, Mayor de Blasio said.

The Mayor was postponing it day by day and then week by week, leaving New Yorkers frustrated that they were being told to stay home for safety—seemingly except to move their cars, or risk a ticket. Most recently it has been suspended by at least two weeks at a time.

While city car owners haven’t had to worry for almost two months in total now, the postponement is officially ending on Monday, May 18, as the Mayor announced this morning (May 11) that they we conducting a citywide “clean sweep” for that entire week (through May 24). Still, it isn’t back for good. It will then be suspended again May 25-June 7, and then the City Department of Sanitation will “reassess cleanliness.”

When a reporter asked if the city would consider changing Alternate Side Parking permanently, because they had been monitoring the streets cleanliness throughout the suspensions and didn’t find it needed to be cleaned until next week, the Mayor said they would consider it. He did say, however, that a lot of cleanliness is presumed to have been because of people staying at home most of the time, which of course would change once the “lockdown” is lifted.

As of now, NYC Alternate Side Parking is suspended through this Sunday, May 17.

featured image source: Unsplash

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