It’s Not Your Imagination, The MTA Actually IS Getting Worse

Rob Grams Rob Grams

It’s Not Your Imagination, The MTA Actually IS Getting Worse

Do you ever catch yourself in denial over your belief that the service provided by the MTA is getting worse? Well rest easy, thanks to a report by the The New York Times we now know for sure that the MTA is definitely turning the “suck” up to eleven.

This weekend’s New York Times report showed that delays have increased to over 70k per month, more than doubling the amount of monthly delays back in 2012 (28k delays per month).

Trains are able to travel 120k miles before breaking down in 2017. I know what you’re thinking, that sounds like a lot, right? But consider the fact that only seven years ago that number was up to an average of 200k miles.

Lines 2 and 5, can only be seen to be “reliable” 40% of the time; that means that over half of the time you are waiting for your train, you can expect it to be delayed. One of the main contributing factors to the delays seems to be overcrowding, causing 30,000 delays last November.

Between the L train-pocalypse, increasing MetroCard prices and increasing delays, straphangers are justifiably angry. Who to blame is unclear, especially when you realize that state funding to the MTA will be reduced by $65 million this year.

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