The Magical Northern Lights May Be Seen From New York This Weekend

With a title as crazy as this one you might be asking yourself if you just fell for some clickbait? The answer is no, the possibility of New York seeing some Northern Lights over the weekend is actually quite high due to a rare geomagnetic storm coming.

A geomagnetic storm or solar storm definitely sounds a bit daunting, so to put it into simple terms its basically when a giant hole forms in the sun’s outer plasma layer (known as the solar corona) and charged particles escape through coronal holes. These are projected towards earth and usually bring negative effects such as radio communication blackouts and occasional power outages. According to the Space Weather Prediction Center, this solar storm won’t bring any serious consequences as its been classified as moderate. Instead, the sun’s brightness will increase the intensity of the phenomenon known as aurora borealis aka The Northern Lights.

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